Samen Slimmer Backs Qneiform: Innovating Talent Recruitment through AI

July 2, 2024

In a world where the right match can make all the difference, the art of finding top-notch professionals has taken a leap into the future with Samen Slimmer's first venture: Qneiform! This startup, with roots in Budapest, London, and the Netherlands, is set to transform talent acquisition in the finance and law sectors through its innovative AI-driven platform.

Qneiform: A New Era in Talent Identification

Imagine having the ability to sift through the noise and zoom in on the perfect candidates with precision and ease. That's where Qneiform comes in, blending deep industry know-how with the sharp edge of AI technology. This isn't about replacing the human touch; it's about enhancing it, giving recruitment pros a turbo boost to find the stars they've been searching for.

Qneiform distinguishes itself through its unique data strategy and superior workflow functionalities. By embracing AI, Qneiform offers a smarter, swifter way to navigate the vast talent ocean, ensuring no gem remains hidden.

The Vision Behind Qneiform

Behind every great innovation is a dreamer who dared to think differently. For Qneiform, that dreamer is Thomas Percy, whose strong industry vision, combined with his in-depth experience and network, have catapulted the startup into the spotlight. This is reflected in Qneiform's early success, already serving some of Europe's top recruitment firms and investment funds as active clients. It's clear this is just the beginning of a thrilling journey.

Samen Slimmer: A Partnership That Powers Dreams

Our partnership with Qneiform is a testament to Samen Slimmer's unique approach. We combine investment acumen from DFF and Keen with technical expertise from Slimmer AI, offering not just financial backing but also a dedicated engineering team. This synergy is what sets Qneiform on its path to success to redefine talent acquisition, providing the tools and support needed to bring a bold vision to life.

Join the Journey

Inspired by Qneiform's journey? Samen Slimmer is on the lookout for founders ready to take the next big step. Whether you're aiming to revolutionize an industry or solve critical challenges with AI, we're here to support your journey from dream to success.

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