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AI Founders Lab

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Join us in-person on Oct 12th for our AI Founders Lab!

AI enthusiasts, startup founders, and newcomers: Looking to delve deeper into the AI domain? The AI Founders Lab offers insights, connections, and valuable resources.

Connect with Industry Leaders: As you arrive, enjoy the ambiance while networking with prominent AI professionals, investors, and peers.

Keynote Address: Hear from a renowned AI pioneer about the evolving landscape of AI entrepreneurship.

Focused Discussions: Engage in meaningful dialogues with experts on AI, product development, legalities, and fundraising. Get insights based on real experiences.

Find Your Co-Founder: Our unique space facilitates potential partnership connections, streamlining your startup's growth.

Networking & Knowledge: Conclude with refreshments and dedicated consultation corners. Catering to both seasoned and budding AI enthusiasts.Elevate your startup insights at AI Founders Lab. A step towards a thriving AI journey.Join us at the Lab!

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