I like technology because it makes for products and services that truly solve problems and because it constantly changes and adapts. I admire entrepreneurs because they see further, are stubborn, and take risks.

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Over the past 20 years I have gained experience in international marketing, sales, general management and the world of venture capital. Currently, I am a General Partner at Keen Venture Partners. Prior to that, I was a general partner at Prime Ventures, where I invested in and served as board member of Cint, Greetz, Layar, and Bright Computing. Prior to Prime, I was board member and Chief Operating Officer of TomTom, the personal navigation company. I lead the international expansion and I was part of the leadership team that IPO-ed the company. Before my time at TomTom I held a number of senior directors’ positions at MARS Inc. and Unilever NV. I hold an MA degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA degree from the Rotterdam School of Management. Not-for-profit activities include a.o being a board member of the Prince Claus Fund for Culture, Cultural Emergency Response NGO and of several philanthropic family trusts.

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Who is part of Samen Slimmer?

Samen Slimmer is an alliance between venture studio Slimmer.AI, and two venture capital funds DFF and Keen. We’re all based in Amsterdam, and Slimmer also has an office in Groningen. We invest in and build companies all over the globe, but Europe is our hometurf.

Who can apply to Samen Slimmer?

Anyone with a great idea that involves AI can apply. No technical or AI experience is required, Samen Slimmer is designed to give all founders, - both seasoned and first-timers - the tools, network, funding and expertise to turn your idea into reality. We do favour founders that have some kind of edge that sets them apart, whether that is deep industry experience, a relevant network or background, or any other strategic advantage that can help propel your business.

When is partnering with Samen Slimmer the right thing for me?

There are many ways to build a successful company, and taking on early investment might not always be the right path for your business. However, we encourage all founders to apply that value the following:

> Speed-to-market of your first product matters a lot
> You need to build complex software, and it is important to get the initial features right
> You are chasing a massive opportunity that solves a real need, no 'vitamin' solutions that go after a small market
> Data and AI will likely be an important differentiator in your product and key value driver of your business, not just a fad
> You are willing to go all-in and care more about winning than being right
> You do not only dream big but also do big

In what phase does Samen Slimmer usually get involved?

Samen Slimmer is designed for founders in the most nascent stages of their entrepreneurial journey. We get involved in the pre-seed phase, which means pre-revenue and pre-MVP. We love to shape the product vision and roadmap with you and support you on building and launching your very first operational product.

Can I apply if I or my team works remotely?

Yes, as long as you are willing to be in Amsterdam and Groningen every-now-and-then for white-board sessions, meeting your engineering team and strategy. We encourage founders from all over EU to apply, we can always find a way to make it work.

What would the partnership look like post funding?

We are partners for the long haul. After you have - hopefully - achieved product-market-fit, we'll make sure that nothing stands in your way to scale with lightning speed. Tap into our global network of other VCs, Angels and strategic partners, leverage our deep understanding of AI, SaaS and marketplace business models and expect a dedicated sparring partner to support you on raising, hiring, branding and positioning. We do not take board seats.

What is the value of building my product with a team from Samen Slimmer?

Unlike other venture studios, Samen Slimmer is unique in its kind because we offer funding and a dedicated engineering team that will build your product with you. We have over 20 years of experience in building operational AI products and are happy to start working with you. Apply to Samen Slimmer and expect:

> a Product Delivery System - an outcome driven, product-led software delivery approach developed through years of building both MVPs and very large software products. This allows you to avoid well-understood pitfalls, and iteratively build an awesome product that your launching customers will love

> Team - you’ll have a dedicated, experienced multidisciplinary team building your product. Not time wasted in recruiting or forming a team. Access to experts that as a start-up you normally won’t have

> Solution Stack - you get and build your product on Slimmer AI’s proven stack, saving you time, avoiding mistakes, ensuring you’re future proof, and giving you tons of standard SaaS features out-of-the-box.

Who should not apply?

Samen Slimmer is specifically designed for founders that are building products that leverage AI. If there is no AI component to your business, this program is not for you. We don’t do (pure) hardware investments. If you have modest ambitions in terms of reach & revenue, we’re not the right partners for you. If you don’t have any experience in the industry or market you want to build, we’re not a fit. If you already have a product and only looking for cash investment, then Samen Slimmer is not for you.

What are the costs involved?

There are no direct costs involved in the Samen Slimmer partnership.

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